Team Manager Playbook

Team Manager Advisors

Rachel Tippery & Ryan Kirk, the Team Manager Advisors, will host a manager meeting to review the manager playbook and answer any questions prior to the start of the season.   

Monthly Updates

Monthly team manager email updates will be sent to ensure everyone is up to date on the latest developments. 

RESPONSIBILITIES & Position Requirements

The team manager is responsible for and must be dedicated to the overall organization and cooperation between your coaches, players, parents, and the Sauk Prairie Youth Hockey Association. 

The position was created to coordinate all on-ice activity and carry out other duties assigned to by your coaching staff. These duties include scheduling of away and home games, entering tournaments, securing hotels (if necessary) and to act as the onsite official making sure off-ice official positions are filled for home games.

After appointment as the team manager by the Head Coach, all team managers need to register with USA Hockey, provide information for a background screening, and complete SafeSport modules. USA Hockey registration and SafeSport are free and required for Team Managers. There is a charge for the background screening.

Upon completion, Team Managers can submit documentation of their background screening (a receipt) for reimbursement from the SPYHA Treasurer or the Team Manager can claim this as a donation to SPYHA. The cost is typically $30.00

Policy Enforcement

There are several SPYHA policies, that as a manager and SPYHA representative you should be aware of as SPYHA looks to our coaches & managers to help enforce these policies. 

Concussion & Injury Reporting

As a Team Manager, you play a key role in help keeping our kids safe on and off the ice. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with our Concussion & Injury Reporting Policy and Processes linked below.

Locker room monitoring

SPYHA adheres to USA Hockey's SafeSport Program as a means to help protect its participants from physical abuse, sexual abuse and other types of misconduct, including emotional abuse, bullying, threats, harassment and hazing. To help prevent this from occurring in our locker rooms, SPYHA has adopted the following locker room policy according to WAHA's (Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association) recommendations. This policy is designed to maintain personal privacy as well as to reduce the risk of misconduct in locker rooms.

As a manager, you play a key in ensuring SPYHA's compliance to this policy and keeping our kids safe in the locker rooms.

SPYHA Team iPad

In partnership with WAHA, Sauk Prairie Youth Hockey will be shifting to an online scoring model, powered by the GameSheet App, available on iPad.

Sauk Prairie Youth Hockey will provide each team manager a iPad for use during the hockey season. The sole purpose for the iPad is to provide tools and resources necessary to facilitate team communications and game scoring (via Game Sheet) to the SPYHA Team Managers.  

The team manager is responsible for care and good judgment when using iPads and as such are required to adhere to the Acceptable Use Policies that are documented in the iPad Acceptable Use & Damage Policy. 

Below are links to the iPad Acceptable Use & Damage Policy and GameSheet Training videos.

Season Kick-Off: Mandatory Parent Meeting

SPYHA Board of Directors will host a mandatory parent meeting at the start of each season to review association-wide policies, expectations and updates.

Additionally, a team meeting with the coaches, parents, and players should be scheduled within the first two weeks of the season. A parent/team meeting sample agenda can be found in the manager templates, linked below. 

Game Scheduling

Game scheduling for regular season games is typically mostly completed by the team manager. You may need to fill in some of the home ice/times and away games. This is generally done by reaching out to other southern or central Wisconsin Youth Hockey programs. You can find contacts on their websites and generally reach out using email or their Hockey programs website/contact. 

Each team is assigned 12 sheets of ‘home ice’ to host games. You should expect that teams reciprocate and host a game on their ice for a rough total of ~24 games. Any additional games may require ice and official fees, to be paid by the team. Costs vary by rink. To book extra ice at SPYHA contact Ice Scheduler Dave Jolicoeur

Game Day Duties

Hockey game day is an exciting day, and it takes every parent throughout the season volunteering to help make game day a success. It’s OK to firmly remind parents that this is a requirement as a member of each team your child(ren) is assigned to and it does not fulfill required volunteer hours for the association. For home games, each team is responsible to fulfill the following ‘official game day’ duties.

  • Penalty Box
  • Official Scorekeeper
  • Game Clock Operator
  • PA/Music Operator (optional)

For away games, we will need to provide a Penalty Box operator for our team’s penalty box. Please note, these positions are considered ‘officials of the game’ and you will need to refrain from cheering while performing these important duties.  

Crossbar Game Duty Sign-up How-To

It is strongly encouraged that you use Crossbar to post each required game day duty for game (home & away). This keeps all SPYHA volunteering sign-ups consistent for our parents, as required volunteer hours are done through Crossbar. 

You can work with Crossabr Admin/Webmaster Ryan Kirk to setup a ‘game day duties’ Sign-Up for your team and learn how to create, edit, delete, and import Game Day Duty items. 

If your preference is to use tools such as Sign-up Genius or a shared google file, that is ok too. The important part is ensuring you have a volunteer for each duty so the game can be played, as scheduled.  

Team Rosters

USA Hockey Rosters

SPYHA Registrar Jeremy Gesicki, will work with you to create & maintain your teams Official USA Team Roster. This will serve as your verification of birth certificates and liability waivers. Rosters are due by December 31st. You will receive a link to the final roster after this date. You will need the most recent version of your team's Official USA Team Roster with you at all games. 

🗹 Pro-Tip: We recommend you keep this within your Manager Binder or preferred file system.


You will need to create roster stickers as you may still be required to bring to away games and tournaments if they are not utilizing the GameSheet App. Roster stickers are used on the official score sheets; You will need 2-4 stickers per game. Stickers should include:

  • Player Name & Number
  • Designation of Goalie(s)
  • Coach Name & CEP Number 

Stickers need to accurately reflect the team roster for that specific game. 

🗹 Pro-Tip: We recommend listing the goalie player twice if they were a different jersey number while in goal. Ensure that before the stickers are placed on the scoresheet, you’ve crossed off the player line which does not apply.

🗹 Pro-Tip: Absent Players: Ensure that any absent players are crossed off before the stickers are placed on the scoresheet. 

A sticker template has been provided for your convenience and can be found in the manager templates share drive, linked below. The template requires a 2-step process, which is outlined below. 

  • Step 1: Update the Excel Roster with player name/number, coaches’ names/numbers. Use an image capture tool (like snip & sketch) to grab an image of the team excel roster. 
  • Step 2: Paste the image into the label template word document. Save & Print using the Avery 18163 Standard Shipping Labels

Manager Supplies

It is strongly encouraged to have your Manager Bag/Backpack & Team Binder or file system filled to ensure you have (just about) everything you could possibly need on gameday! 


Many managers find it helpful to create a manager’s binder to store all your essential game day paperwork:

  • Team Roster Stickers
  • Completed Official Scoresheets
  • Official USA Hockey Team Roster
  • Emergency Player/Parent Contact Information

🗹 Pro-Tip: Parent Contact Information: Encourage parents during the parent meeting to confirm and/or update their contact information in Crossbar, in case of an emergency.  

Extra Supplies

The kids have been known to forget a few pieces of essential equipment, have a loose screw in a helmet or break a shoelace. Over the years, team managers have been known to have a few ‘spare parts’ on hand. Here is the current recommended list to have on-hand:

  •  Mouthguard (new)
  • Neck Guard
  • Hockey Tape & Scissors
  • Hockey Laces 
  • Helmet Repair Kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Extra Sauk Jersey (home/away)
  • Extra Skate Guards 

Weekly Responsibilities

Team Communications

Effective and consistent communication is your primary job as the team manager. You are the primary contact for all communications:

  • Coaches & Parents
  • SPYHA & Coaches/Parents
  • Outside Organizations & Coaches/Parents

Establish primary methods of communication with your coaching staff and parents at the start of the season. It is highly recommended to send a weekly email communication (via CrossBar) to parents to celebrate the previous week's accomplishments, reflect on opportunities, and to set expectations and share information for the week ahead.

Key Info:

  • Coaches Corner
  • Upcoming Practice dates/time/location
  • Game Duty Reminders

The suggestions above should to get you started or simply give you an idea of what types of information to share on a weekly basis. Feel free to modify to fit your teams’ specific needs. 

Game Confirmations

One week prior to the scheduled game, check Crossbar to ensure your team will have enough players to compete, once confirmed, email the opposing team’s manager to verify the following:

  • Game Date/Time & Location
  • Game Duty Requirements

Confirmation email templates (home & away) have been created to assist you. Please feel free to modify this template to meet your specific needs. 

How to Find the Opposing Team Manager's Contact Info

  1. Google the opposing team’s hockey site (many are using SportsEngine or Crossbar). 
  2. Navigate to the opposing team roster; here you should find the manager contact email. 
  3. If you are unable to locate the team manager or they do not respond timely. Contact the head coach.
  4. If you are unable to locate contact information or do not receive a timely response, email the ice scheduler/rink coordinator. These contacts can generally be found under the association contacts section of their website.  

Home Game Cancellations or Changes

If the game needs to be cancelled or rescheduled, please inform the Referee Scheduler Jess Hanson & Ice Scheduler Dave Jolicoeur ASAP! Not only do they need to inform the officials, but they will also assist you with rescheduling options and required scheduling activities.  

Confirm Game Day Duty Assignments

A week prior to each game, confirm that each required game day duty has a confirmed volunteer. It may be a good practice to include game day duty opportunities & confirmations for upcoming weekend games within your weekly team email. 

The Thursday prior to your weekend games, do one final confirmation that you have all your required game day volunteers. If you are short, send a firm email seeking volunteers. It is OK to set a deadline by which you may start to assign duties.  

Game Day responsibilities

Game Day has finally arrived! Are you Game Ready? Here is what you need to do to ensure a successful game day for both home & away games!

Home games


As the primary representative of SPYHA to our visiting team, it is important to welcome them to our rink and guide them to their locker room (see locker room assignment board). This will allow you to quickly identify the opposing team manager and exchange any necessary materials and/or information.

Official Scorekeeping (GameSheet)

As the home team, we will be scoring the game using the GameSheet App on your assigned iPad device. No stickers are needed from either team.

Prior to the Game

  • Add Game required information to GameSheet App (requires WiFi connection) 

After the Game

  • Confirm GameSheet App has officials & coaches’ signatures. 
  • Final Gamesheet results will be automatically distributed to the opposing team in one of 3 ways:
  •  A copy will be emailed to the manager/coach contacts on the team's roster in GameSheet  
  • Available in 'past games' on the GameSheet App
  • Available online at the GameSheet website 

Game Day Duty Volunteers

For home games, each team is responsible to fulfill the following ‘official game day’ duties.

  • Penalty Box
  • Official Scorekeeper
  • Game Clock Operator
  • PA/Music Operator (optional)

The opposing team will need to provide a Penalty Box operator for their penalty box. Confirm all your volunteers have arrived and provide them with any necessary materials or direction. Please note, these positions are considered ‘officials of the game’ and you may need to remind volunteers to refrain from cheering while performing these important duties.  

Important Note: Music is optional, never delay the start of a game due to not having a music operator and/or a system malfunction.

Away Games


Try to arrive early to the rink to locate the hosting team manager to exchange any necessary materials and/or information. This will also allow you to greet your own coaches and players and assist in guiding the team to their assigned locker room. 


As the visiting team, we do not provide the official scoresheets. We do, however, need to provide our roster stickers (3-4 stickers) for the official scoresheet, if the team is using paper scoresheets. Stickers are not required if using the GameSheet App. 

Before the Game

  • If using paper scoresheets, locate the hosting team manager and provide the team roster stickers for the official scoresheet (3-4 stickers). 

After the Game

  • If using the GameSheet App, the gamesheet will be accessible in one of three ways:
  • A copy will be emailed to the manager/coach contacts on the team's roster in GameSheet  
  • Available in 'past games' on the GameSheet App
  • Available online at the GameSheet website 
  • If using paper scoresheets:
  • Collect our copy of the official scoresheet and validate officials & coaches’ signatures.
  • Provide to your head coach for a quick review.  
  • Maintain this copy in your manager binder. You may be required to submit official score sheets to WAHA if any questions arise for player eligibility for the state tournament.

Game Duties

For away games, we will need to provide a Penalty Box operator for their penalty box. Confirm our penalty box volunteer has arrived and provide them with any necessary materials or direction.

Please note, these positions are considered ‘officials of the game’ and you may need to remind volunteers to refrain from cheering while performing these important duties.  

Post-Game Activates

It’s Records Keeping Time!

Game Results & Scoresheets

You will need to update the final game results in several different locations. Below are the steps you will need to complete after each game/weekend. 

  • Update Game Results in Crossbar. This is done automatically if the game was scored using the GameSheet App.
  • File all official score sheets for home and away games in your manager binder or file system. You may be required to submit these for State Tournament seeding.

🛈 Important Update: WAHA will be monitoring skaters with excessive penalties. It may be important to also monitor the classification and quantity of penalties this season for proactive monitoring.  


Tournaments are a great way for players and parents to bond, as well as provide a great place for competitive game play! Determine with coaches and parents how many tournaments your team will attend, not including Playdowns and State. Most teams shoot for 2 tournaments a season. Fees are split equally among every player on the team.

Registration & Fees

You can find WAHA sanctioned tournaments on the WAHA Tournaments webpage. There are several important considerations to be mindful of when scheduling a tournament:

  • Distance & hotel stay requirements
  • Competition/Skill level
  • Past Experience

Each individual team is responsible for the registration fee of all tournaments, except Playdowns and the State Tournament. All fees for tournaments are paid by the team, not the organization. This includes hotel rooms for non-parent coaches – this is the Team’s responsibility. Registration is typically paid for in full by the manager or head coach. Each family/parent will then pay their portion to the manager or head coach.

🗹 Pro-Tip: We recommend an app like Venmo or PayPal for ease of money transferring and audit logs.  


Some tournaments may necessitate a 1–2-night stay in a hotel. As team manager, you should assist the team with locating and/or reserving blocks of hotel rooms for the tournament. However, each family is responsible for their own hotel reservations & fees.  In addition, the cost of hotel room(s) for any non-parent coaches, is the responsibility of the team/families. 

🗹 Pro-Tip: Here are some helpful Tips for Hotel Room Block Reservations:

  • Start Early
  • Call the local hotel number vs. the contact center/800#
  • Ask if they will provide a ‘meeting’ or ‘conference’ room for the families to gather vs. hanging out in hallways (sell it as a benefit to the hotel).  

Team Building

Tournaments are a great opportunity for team building activities. This is also a great time to ask for assistance from other parents! Here are some creative ideas from past tournaments:

  • Rent Lanes at a local bowling alley
  • Hold a pizza, sandwich bar or potluck night in a hotel meeting room
  • Create door hangers for hotel room doors 

WAHA PLAYDOWNS & State Tournament

For 10U/Squirt – 14U/Bantam teams have the opportunity to compete for a bid for the State Tournament. Entry fees for state playdowns & the state tournament are paid by the association.  WAHA State Tournament Host Sites can be found on the WAHA website.

SPYHA is in WAHA (Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association) Region 4 - Division 3.  


Playdowns and like playoffs, which determine the teams which will be playing in the State Tournament. To determine the Region representative, each of the 6 Regions conducts what are called "Playdowns".  Some teams may receive a “free pass” to the State Tournament and are not required to play a Playdown Game.

The teams can only play the players officially listed on their roster and each Coach must meet the coaching certification requirements. Coaches who are not certified at the appropriate level will not be allowed on the bench. 

WAHA State Tournament

2025 WAHA State Tournament information can be found at Tournaments dates are either February 22-23, 2025, March 1-2, 2025 or March 8-9, 2025 depending on your division and level. 

🗹 Pro-Tip: Like other tournaments, based on State Tournament host locations, look into reserve a local hotel room block early! 

End of Season Activities

Team Party

Teams are encouraged to have all the parties and get-togethers they would like to have. The expense of all get-togethers is the responsibility of each individual team, with one exception – the end of the season team party!

  • SPYHA will provide a $100 gift card to each team for an end-of-season party. 
  • If you have a large team (ex: U6 or U8), that dollar amount will be increased.
  • The SPYHA $100 gift card cannot be used toward alcohol

Team Party Ideas

  • Potluck hosted at the Rink or Volunteer’s home
  • Pizza & Bowling Party at a local bowling alley
  • Sledding Parties 

6U/8U Jersey Collection

At the end of the season, collect all jerseys after the team’s last game, launder them, and coordinate with Amanda Chetweood  for a time to return all jerseys.

🛈 Important Update: Due to the lack of prompt jersey return from past seasons, the SPYHA is considering instituting a $50 late jersey fee, more information to come as the date nears. 


Association-wide Equipment return dates will be established & communicated in February. To ease the burden of our equipment managers, please reminder families renting equipment to return on the scheduled dates/time and/or communicate ahead of time with the equipment managers.

SPYHA Equipment Managers

Tara Argall

Goalie Equipment - Jason Teague

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