Take Pride in Our Home

Our hockey association is one of very few in the state that owns our own rink. And as a member of the association, YOU own the rink. We don’t rent it or lease it from the Village, and we have full responsibility for the maintenance, cleaning, and upkeep of it. As owners of the rink, it is each of our responsibly to volunteer time to work the concession stand, clean the lobby, assist with a fundraiser, etc.

For every game we play in our rink, we are inviting guests into our hockey home. Wherever they come from, our rink is the first thing they see when they arrive. They walk into the breezeway and see the multitude of trophies our children have earned. The lobby is next on the list, then, maybe the rest room - all the while, whether they know it or not, they are seeing our rink and determining if they like it here or not. The parents won’t touch the ice, so what does that leave them to judge? The building and how clean it is, the condition of the locker rooms and friendliness of the concession staff. 

We hope that each of you will have a sense of pride when it comes to our building, keeping it clean and reminding younger children and siblings that it is not a playground. It is our hockey home, and we ask you each to do your part in keeping it looking nice and leaving it in better shape than was left to us. The rink was built by incredible volunteers in 1996 and 25 years later, there have been many improvements along the way. We owe a huge thank you to the volunteers who have helped this building progress to what it is today!


Hockey in the Sauk Prairie area survives in large part due to the tremendous support of families in the association that volunteer their time to keep things running. SPYHA requires each family to volunteer 12 hours of service.

This requirement is per family and is based on the oldest skater. The board reserves the right to adjust the hour requirements, as needed, after registration. Families are responsible for signing up for the required hours or having a Board approved plan to meet the volunteer requirement prior to the beginning of the season. Your skater may not be allowed to participate with their team until the volunteer sign-up requirements are met. Options that meet the volunteer requirement include:

  1. Concessions
  2. Zamboni
  3. Coaching/Team Manager
  4. SPYHA Board Member
  5. Lead Volunteer/Coordinator Positions
  6. Off-Season Cleaning and Facility Improvements

Buy-Out Option

The association does offer the chance for a family to buy-out their required volunteer hours. A family can choose to pay $420 to be exempt from working the required number of hours. This is an all or nothing program. This option is offered as you complete the registration process.

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