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Forget about traditional fundraisers that involve selling or spending extra money. With scrip fundraising, you can easily earn money for SPYHA and reduce your membership fee while you shop!

Simply use scrip gift cards for everyday purchases and earn a rebate on each one at no additional cost. Cards from your favorite places and companies are available for gas, shopping, dining and more!


  • Go to
  • Click "Join a Program" in the upper right corner.
  • Enter the enrollment code for Sauk Prairie Youth Hockey, which you can get by contacting your scrips coordinator - Jason Hanko
  • Fill in required information to set up your personal account.
  • Shop around and place your order. You can pay online by setting up PrestoPay on your account, or the Scrips Coordinator can collect a check when your cards come in.



How do I order cards?

Families may purchase scrip cards through the Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC) website. Hundreds of retailers are available, and creating an account is simple.

In addition, the Scrips Coordinator keeps a limited supply of cards on hand that you can purchase directly. These are either cards typically in high demand that may be requested for immediate pickup (KwikTrip, Piggly Wiggly) or those not available through the website (Culvers, Woodmans). For these, contact the Coordinator (email preferred) and indicate what you'd like.

What types of cards are available?

  • Physical gift cards: These are the plastic, credit-card style gift cards that get swiped at a register when you check out. They can be ordered from the GLCS website or directly from the Coordinator if maintained in the on-hand stock.
  • eGift Cards: Many retailers on the GLCS website offer electronic “eGift” cards. These are delivered to you electronically and have both a code to enter when making a purchase online, and a QR code that can be scanned at a register in-store.
  • ReloadNow: This option allows you to load additional money onto a gift card you already own.

How do I pay for the cards?

There are two ways to pay for your cards:

  • Cash or check: Pay the Scrips Coordinator when you pick up your cards. Make checks payable to SPYHA.
  • PrestoPay: You may pay for cards purchased online by setting up PrestoPay on your GLSC account. This links to your savings or checking account and uses ACH withdrawals to pay instantly online. A fee of 15 cents per transaction applies to PrestoPay purchases.
  • PrestoPay also recently added the ability to pay with a credit card.  Please note, however, that a fee of 2.6% of your total order amount is charged if you pay via credit card.

Will cards purchased online ship immediately to me?

No. You may purchase cards online anytime, but the orders are placed into a queue under the association’s name and do not ship out immediately. The cards will ship out in bulk when the Scrips Coordinator releases an order, which is done on the 1st and 15th of each month. All of cards ship to the Coordinator, - usually arriving 3-5 days after the order is released. The Coordinator will email families once the cards are sorted and ready for pickup.

How do I get my cards?

  • Physical gift cards: You will meet the Coordinator to pick up your cards. Payment is due when you receive your cards if you haven't already paid online with PrestoPay. The Coordinator is typically at the rink most evenings during the season, so just flag him down. Off season, contact the Coordinator and make arrangements to come pick them up.
  • Electronic ScripNow cards: These will show up in your Dashboard when you log into the GLSC website. You can also access them through This is a companion site run by GLSC which is much more user and mobile friendly.

Sidenote: If you pay for ScripNow cards online with PrestoPay they will be available in your Dashboard almost instantly! This is great. At Target or shopping online? Total up your cart, login to GLSC, grab a ScripNow to cover the amount and pay with PrestoPay. Your gift card will be delivered by the time you get to the register.

How much is my rebate?

That depends on the card/retailer; typical rebates vary from 2% up to 15% or more! Keep an eye on the GLSC website - they run weekly promotions and specials with increased rebates on select cards.

25% of the total rebate amount goes to the association, to be used for all things hockey! The remaining 75% is placed into an account for your family to apply at SPYHA registration.

How do I get my rebates?

The Scrips Coordinator tracks your rebate totals and enters them into an account for you. Shortly before registration opens up for the new season (typically mid-August) you will receive an email with your total balance and a coupon code. Simply enter your coupon code at checkout of hockey registration and your credit amount will be subtracted from your total.

What happens to my rebate balance if I’ve earned more money than I owe for hockey fees?

Any unused balance will remain in your account and can be applied to future years/payments.

Can I cash out my scrip credits?

No. Think of this as Disney Dollars - they're only good at SPYHA.

How can I check my current credit balance?

Contact the Scrips Coordinator to inquire about your balance or anything else. The GLCS website will track your purchases and rebates - but keep in mind that this is the total rebate amount, and also does not include any purchases of on-hand cards you get directly from the Coordinator.

For any additional questions please contact your Scrips Coordinator - Jason Hanko

Sauk Prairie Youth Hockey Association