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 2018 - 2019 SAUK PRAIRIE YOUTH HOCKEY ASSOCIATION POLICIES                                   

The following is a list of SPYHA policies.  Please read the information and note that by registering your skater(s) online with SPYHA, you agree to abide by this policy.  You may choose to print a copy to keep for your records.

REGISTRATION: All skaters must be registered with SPYHA in order to participate in the current season.  Registration for the 2018/2019 season can only be completed electronically.  Families may register electronically at their convenience by following the instructions on the registration tab found at  There will be a walk-in registration period held at the rink on Wednesday September 12, 2018 from 5:30PM - 7:30PM.  SPYHA will have assistance available during the walk-in registration period, which will include help with electronic registration. 

FEES:  Skaters whose initial fees are not paid by the start of the season will not be allowed to skate until payment is made.  Statements regarding outstanding fees will be periodically emailed.  Payments can be made at any time, but all dues need to be paid in full by January 15, 2019. If these fees are not received by this time, your skater will not be allowed back on the ice. If a family has a special circumstance, an alternative payment plan can be arranged by contacting Jason Begalske at  Bantam aged players are required to participate in concussion testing at no cost.  Concussion testing for players at the Peewee level and younger is optional and at a cost of $20 per player.  Skaters are responsible for registering online with USA Hockey/WAHA before the season begins.

REGISTRATION/FEES for GIRLS:  SPYHA will waive registration costs during the 2018-2019 season for female skaters that have never registered with a USA Hockey youth hockey program prior to this season. As part of a WAHA pilot initiative, female skaters will be allowed to participate on an all-girls team (if available), as well as her Association youth team.  Female skaters will have to declare their primary team, and pay an additional $100 to SPYHA, as well as any potential costs/requirements from an external girls program.  SPYHA will limit the number of teams a player may be rostered on to two teams.  Ex) If a skater is rostered on a girls team, as well as a coed youth team, she may not also double roster an another team.      

REFUNDS:  Refunds are given only upon request. If any registered skater drops out of hockey before November 1st, 2018, the family can receive a full refund. If the skater drops out between Nov. 1st and Jan. 31st, the refund is pro-rated based upon participation between November 1, 2018 and January 31, 2019. There will be no refunds given to skaters who drop out after Jan 31st.  However, if a player is moving to another hockey association, refunds are given if SPYHA is unable to field a team at his/her age level or the player is moving, no matter when notification is given.  Final refund decisions regarding players moving to another hockey association are determined by majority vote of the SPYHA Board of Directors.  Eligible refunds are dispersed 30 days from notification.

 VOLUNTEER HOURS:  Hockey in the Sauk Prairie area survives in large part due to the tremendous support of families in the association that volunteer their time to keep things running.  SPYHA requires 12 hours of service for families with a U8 skater or older.  U6 families are required to volunteer 8 hours.  This requirement is per family and is based on the oldest skater.  The board reserves the right to adjust the hour requirements, as needed, after registration.  Families are responsible for signing up for the required hours, or having a Board approved plan to meet the volunteer requirement prior to the beginning of the season.  Your skater may not be allowed to participate with their team until the volunteer sign-up requirements are met.  Options that meet the volunteer requirement include: 1) Concessions; 2) Zamboni driving; 3) Special events (such as golf outing and Fire on the River).  Concessions make up the majority of the hours available and are discussed in the next section.  If you are interested in fulfilling all/some of your required hours by operating the zamboni, please contact Tony Hart at Zamboni drivers are needed during weekday evenings but especially during Saturday/Sunday morning and afternoons.  Many other volunteer opportunities are available that do not count toward the hours requirement but are essential to the success of SPYHA.  These include coaching, team manager, parade participation, helping put in and take out the ice, and any open chairperson positions, including the Board of Directors.  We are a volunteer based organization and each family's participation is greatly appreciated.  BUY-OUT: The association does offer the chance for a family to buy-out their required volunteer hours. A family can choose to pay $300 ($200 for U6 families as the oldest child) to be exempt from working the required number of hours. This is an all or nothing program. This option is offered as you complete the registration process.

CONCESSIONS:  Most Association members will complete their required volunteer hours by working the concession stand located at the Sauk Prairie rink.  Sign-up for concession hours must be completed online.  If you sign-up and then find you need to make a change, the schedule will be online in order to facilitate changes. If you do not show up to work your scheduled hours, and do not find a replacement, you will be assessed a $25/ hour fee in addition to rescheduling your missed hours.  If a second scheduled shift is missed (with no arranged replacement), you will be charged another $25/hour and your situation will be brought to the attention of the SPYHA Board.  Assessed fees may be billed through second half dues, added to any end of the year team fees or billed directly by the concession chairperson.  If you choose to work your hours and find you need a sub, there will be a list of individuals willing to work concessions (for a fee) posted outside the concession stand.  The specifics of those arrangements are up to the individuals involved. Any questions please contact the concession chairperson - Nicole Schlough

FUNDRAISERS: There is no mandatory fundraising for SPYHA members for the 2018-2019 season.  Throughout the year SPYHA will have opportunities to reduce your future registration fees.  These opportunities may include Scrips and Little Caesars Pizza.  SPYHA would like to remind all members that the Association will sponsor the seventh annual SPYHA golf outing during the spring/summer of 2019.  This is a major fundraiser for SPYHA and participation is encouraged.                                                           

EQUIPMENT RENTAL: Hockey equipment is available to rent during the hockey season for a nominal fee.  All costs associated with equipment rentals are separate from the registration fees.  Although most of our equipment is sized for beginning skaters (U6 and U8), we have some limited larger sizes available to Squirts and up.  A complete set (excluding stick, mouth guard, cup, leggings and skates) can be rented for $40.00.  U6 skaters are exempt from rental fees, although a post-dated check in the amount of $25 will be needed as a deposit (check returned at end of season).  For equipment rentals at the U8 and above levels, any rental fees will be deposited in the SPYHA account.  This money is used for future equipment upgrades.  Individual pieces may be rented for the season with the prices varying between $1 and $10 depending on the piece of equipment needed.  All rentals must go through the association's equipment chairperson and be paid for at the time of fitting or pick-up.  The equipment chairperson will hold all assigned equipment until all fees/deposits are paid in full.  Fitting of equipment will take place at walk-in registration September 12, 2018.  Please bring a bag along to take your rented equipment home with you.  Equipment must be turned in at the end of the season.  Dates for equipment return sessions will be communicated in February.  All rented equipment should be cleaned before returned to the Association.  Equipment may be rented over the summer for $40, but arrangements must be made with the equipment chairperson by the end of the last scheduled equipment return session.  If arrangements are not made, it will be assumed that the equipment has not been returned and a $40 fee will be assessed.  Goalie equipment may be rented for the summer at the cost of $50, or $5 a day. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the equipment chairperson, Karen Mittelstaedt at 608-206-2299 or email her at

TOURNAMENTS:  SPYHA will not be hosting any tournaments at the U8 level or higher.  However, there may be other tournaments held at the Sauk Prairie rink (UHT - Ultimate Hockey Tournament).  Anyone interested in an income opportunity by helping clean, score or run the clock during these tournaments should contact any SPYHA Board member.  U6 skaters will be hosting a family fun day (an all-day tournament) at the end of the season.  U6 families will be responsible for helping decorate, organize and run this Fun Day.  This typically occurs in February.  

EVALUATIONS: SPYHA will hold skater and goaltender evaluations for age levels that are expected to field more than one team.  The player's ability will be the basis for determining level of play.  Evaluations will be age level specific and encompass forward/backward skating, crossovers, starts/stops, puck-handling ability, stick-handling, passing/shooting, team play fundamentals, and general hockey knowledge.  Goaltenders will be evaluated throughout the entire process based on fundamentals and an overall ability to stop the puck, as well as goaltender specific trials.  During the evaluation process, prior year coaches may be contacted for their input. Questions about the evaluation process can be directed to Dave Jolicoeur at 




Playing Up:

It is the policy of the SPYHA that each registered skater will play in his/her age level as set forth by USA Hockey rules. Returning skaters must initially register at the proper age level. However, there may be requests for skaters to play up an age level. These requests to play up will be an exception to the norm and will be evaluated by the SPYHA ACE (Association Coaching Education) Coordinator and Board on a case-by-case basis. The Association’s needs (i.e. teams) shall take precedence over individual desires. For example, there may be a need to fill the roster of a higher age level team in order to field a team at that level and there may be a few skaters who would be prepared to play up to assist the Association’s/team’s needs. Additionally, there may be rare exceptions where playing up is in the best interest of a skater’s hockey development, although this must not come at the expense of severely weakening/not being able to field a team at the lower age level.  The requirements are as follows:

  • Association Requested: If the number of skaters at a certain age level warrant, the Association may request skaters to play at a level higher than their current age level in order to accommodate reasonable team sizes. The request of skaters will be made after registration when the number of skaters at any given level will be known. The skater’s placement will be based upon criteria set forth in the skater requested policy. Final decisions as to which skater(s) play up will be made based upon on-ice skater evaluations. Association requests are on a voluntary basis only and require consent of the ACE Coordinator, the skater, and the parent(s) or guardian(s). If the skater changes age level at the request of the Association, they ARE NOT responsible for the difference in registration dues.


  • Skater Requested: A parent or guardian of an Association skater may request, in writing, an age level change (U8 to Squirt, Squirt to Pee Wee, etc…). The ACE Coordinator will review the request and forward a recommendation to the Board, which will then act on the request and recommendation. All requests will be reviewed and evaluated on merit with consideration of the following criteria:


  1. Will the team the skater is leaving have enough players remaining?
  2. Does the Coach of the team the skater requested to join need or want an additional skater?
  3. The skater may only be one year away from moving to the level requested. For example, a first year Squirt would not be allowed to play up at PeeWee.
  4. Does the skater’s ability fit the level requested?
  5. What is the opinion of the skater’s previous year coach?
  6. Requests will be handled in the order they are received.
  7. As a general rule, all written requests need to be submitted to the ACE Coordinator within two weeks after evaluations and initial team formation.

If a skater’s request to play up is granted, the parent or guardian making the request WILL BE responsible for the difference in registration dues.


Playing Down:

It is the policy of the SPYHA that each registered player will play in his/her age level as set forth by USA Hockey rules. However, there are instances in which SPYHA will allow a skater to play down an age level.  Requests to play down are rare, are an exception to the norm, and will be evaluated by the SPYHA ACE Coordinator and Board on a case-by-case basis. Instances in which play downs will be considered include:

  • Medical Hardship: A skater may request to play down due to medical reasons. In these cases, a player must successfully petition WAHA in order to play down. Once the Association receives confirmation of WAHA’s approval, the skater will be permitted to play down at the level petitioned for. Registration dues will be in accordance with the age level at which the skater is placed.


  • First Year Skater/New to Hockey: All returning skaters must register at the appropriate age level. First year/new to hockey skaters may request to play down at the time of player registration.  In such instances, they will be placed at the U6 level for evaluation. After evaluation, a determination will be made to either keep the skater at U6 or move them to either U8 or the appropriate age level. In cases where 9 year-old or older skaters are placed at the U6 or U8 level, for safety reasons, they will not be allowed to participate in game play at the U6 or U8 level. Every attempt will be made to accelerate development of the skater to get them to the age appropriate level that hockey season and the skater will likely be rostered on an age appropriate team. The ACE Coordinator will determine when the skater will move to the age appropriate team.


Double Rostering:

Each year, a determination will be made on the appropriateness for a team to include skaters on its roster from a lower age level. In general, double rostering is done to address a critical shortage (less than 10 skaters and/or 1 goalie available for a game) of skaters and/or goalies (SPYHA typically attempts to double roster goalies per USA Hockey and WAHA guidelines), and is not intended to give the opportunity for a skater to “double-up” on ice time by routinely practicing or playing games for multiple teams. All roster decisions must be in compliance with USA Hockey and WAHA rules. SPYHA rules and guidelines for double rostering are as follows:

  1. A skater may be double rostered on a team at a level immediately above their age-appropriate level. For example, a skater on a Squirt team could be double rostered on a Pee Wee team.
  2. A skater may not be double rostered on more than one team at any age level. For example, a skater may not be rostered on a Squirt A and a Squirt B team.
  3. If the need for double rostered skaters is identified for a given team, the skaters to be included will be determined as follows:
    1. The Head Coach from the team in need of double rostered players will meet with the Head Coach of the lower age level team to identify which players are eligible for double rostering. Both must agree that a particular skater is an appropriate choice, keeping player safety, skill, maturity, and size as primary considerations.
    2. After the players are identified, the Coaches will meet with the skater and their parents or guardians to review the policy and seek consent.
    3. Upon obtaining consent from the skater and parents or guardians, the skater’s name will be submitted to the ACE Coordinator and Board for approval. If approved by the ACE Coordinator and Board, the registrar will be directed to double roster the skater.
  4. Rosters, including double rostered skaters, must be finalized by the WAHA deadline. After the WAHA deadline, a skater is not permitted to participate on a given team unless the skater is on that team’s roster, or unless a special dispensation is granted by WAHA.
  5. A player must play at least 5 games with a team between December 15th and the first Playdown game to be eligible to play for that team in Playdowns and/or at the State Tournament should that team qualify.
  6. A double rostered skater’s main obligation is to their primary team. A skater should not compete for the older level team if it will adversely affect their primary team, unless agreed to by the Head Coaches of both affected teams.
  7. The intent of the double roster is not to give a skater additional ice time on a permanent basis, but to assist teams with a critical shortage of skaters. Therefore, a double rostered skater should routinely practice with their primary team. They should not routinely practice with the team for which they are double rostered.
  8. Playing up as a double rostered skater:
    1. The need for a skater to play up must be determined based on a critical shortage or on the need to have the skater play 5 games for the team in order to be eligible for Playdowns and/or the State Tournament. Playing up of double rostered skaters will not be permitted for any other reason.
    2. Permission to play up must be obtained through consensus agreement of the Head Coaches of the affected teams and the parent/guardian of the skater.
    3. Every effort should be made to provide a reasonable amount of lead time when requesting a double rostered skater to play up. This will allow time for the player to attend a maximum of one practice with their double rostered team in the week leading up to the game in which they are needed.
    4. If more than one player is double rostered for a given team, every effort should be made to provide equal opportunity for them to play up, such as establishment of a rotation.




Manager Responsibilities

Ensure all shifts are covered

  • If no one is scheduled
    • Attempt to find someone to volunteer by e-mail or telephone
    • Attempt to use the “pay list”
    • Fill the slot yourself if possible
  • If someone is scheduled but can’t make it or is a no show
    • Contact the person and inform them they will be charged $25 per hour that they miss unless they find a replacement that we do NOT have to pay.
    • If they cannot find someone or you cannot get a hold of them, use the “if no one is scheduled” protocol.


Create a “pay list” of people that we can pay to work the concession stand

  • Rotate through the list to ensure equal opportunity
  • Be sure those that are paid to work also follow the proper protocol of the position


Train Team Managers how to properly run the concession stand. Team Managers can then train all families at their team meeting.

Counting out cash and dropping into safe.


Volunteer/Worker Responsibilities

Sign up and work your scheduled shift(s)

  • If you cannot make your scheduled shift
    • YOU must find a replacement
    • Within 24 hours prior to your scheduled shift, contact the Concessions Manager and inform them who will be covering your shift
    • If you cannot find someone to cover your shift, within 24 hours prior, contact the Concessions Manager.
    • If a person from the “pay list” has to fill your shift, you WILL be charged $25 per hour for the missed shift.
    • If the concession stand is not opened because your shift was not covered, you WILL be charged $25 per hour for the missed shift.


Fill out the Shift Checklist at the beginning and end of each shift.

  • If the Shift Checklist is not filled out, you WILL be charged $25 per hour and considered a no-show.


Shift Checklist

Start of Shift

  • Unlock ALL of the front doors
  • Open Concession Stand bay door
  • Make coffee
  • Make a few pretzels and hot dogs and place them wrapped in foil in the warmer (make sure there is water in the basin)
  • Fill (restock) anything in the refrigerator/freezer (be sure to rotate stock – put newest in the back and move oldest to the front)
  • Make popcorn (1-2 pouches)
  • Sweep and straighten chairs in the lobby area
  • Check bathrooms for toilet paper and paper towels


During Shift

  • Be aware of overflowing garbage cans (inside and outside)
  • Pick up garbage that is left behind in the lobby


End of Shift (someone will be relieving you)

  • Restock refrigerator/freezer (rotate stock)
  • Sweep concession stand and lobby area, straighten chairs
  • Give the bathrooms a once-over (please pick up paper towel left on the floor)


End of Shift (if you are last shift of the day)

  • Bag popcorn and leave in the popcorn machine
  • Clean out the loose kernels in the popcorn machine
  • Turn off all toggles on the popcorn machine
  • Turn off the coffee maker (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Dump any remaining coffee and wash the pot
  • Turn off warming oven (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Take any remaining items in the warming oven home, offer them to players, or throw away. Please do not leave food sitting out.
  • Restock refrigerator/freezer (rotate stock)
  • Sweep concession stand and lobby area, straighten chairs
  • Empty the concession stand garbage and take out to the dumpster
  • Empty other garbage cans that are over half full and take out to the dumpster
  • Give the bathrooms a once-over (please pick up paper towel left on the floor)
  • Turn off all lights – if end of the day
  • Lock ALL the front doors – if end of the day
  • Count and drop money


 If any of the above policies aren't followed, and it is brought to the board's attention, it is at the board's discretion to have a skater from that family sit out a game if the situation cannot be rectified.

 Any unpaid fees remaining after the end of a season will need to be paid before your skater can register for the following season. The association is always willing to work with any family experiencing a financial hardship.

 Please note that by registering your skater(s) online with SPYHA, you agree to abide by this policy. 



Zero Tolerance Policy

Sauk Prairie Youth Hockey Association has adopted the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy.  This policy is designed to enhance the enjoyment for all those who participate in youth hockey.  It is required that a sportsmanlike and educational atmosphere be maintained during and after all USA Hockey sanctioned games.



A minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct (Zero Tolerance) shall be assessed whenever a player:

1.  Openly disputes or argues any decision by an official.

2.  Uses obscene or vulgar language at any time, including any swearing, even if it is not directed at a particular person.

3.  Visually demonstrates any sign of dissatisfaction with an official's decision.  Any time that a player persists in any of these actions, they shall be assessed a misconduct penalty.  A game misconduct shall result if the player continues such action.



A minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct (Zero Tolerance) shall be assessed whenever a coach:

1.  Openly disputes or argues any decision by an official.

2.  Uses obscene or vulgar language in a boisterous manner to anyone at any time.

3.  Visually displays any sign of dissatisfaction with an official's decision including standing on the boards or standing in the bench doorway with the intent of inciting the officials, players or spectators.  Any time that a coach persists in any of these actions, they shall be assessed a game misconduct penalty.



The game will be stopped by game officials when the parents/spectators displaying inappropriate and disruptive behavior interfere with other spectators or the game.  The game officials will identify violators to the coaches for the purpose of removing parents/spectators from the spectator's viewing and game area.  Once removed, play will resume.  Lost time will not be replaced and violators may be subject to further disciplinary action by the local governing body.  This inappropriate and disruptive behavior shall include:

1.  Use of obscene or vulgar language in a boisterous manner to anyone at anytime.   

2. Taunting of players, coaches, officials or other spectators by means of baiting, ridiculing, threat of physical violence or physical violence.

3.  Throwing of any object in the spectators viewing area, player's bench, penalty box or on ice surface, directed in any manner as to create a safety hazard.


 Please note that by registering your skater(s) online with SPYHA, you agree to, and accept, this policy. 

To support the philosophy of Sauk Prairie Youth Hockey, all players are expected to maintain and demonstrate these attributes not only on the ice, but at all times during their association with SPYHA. The Sauk Prairie Youth Hockey Association has therefore adopted the following Code of Conduct:

 Player Code of Conduct:

 The player code of conduct has three levels:

  • Personal conduct
  • Unlawful and or unacceptable conduct.
  • The use of alcohol, tobacco, and controlled or illegal substances.  

Each level has a first, second, and third offense with each offense carrying a stronger repercussion.


Level One: Personal conduct                  

Players will display a positive attitude.

Players will conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner.

Players will not swear, taunt, make derogatory remarks or display obscene or offensive behavior toward players, coaches or officials on or off the ice.

Players will not be disruptive during practices, games or in the locker room.

Players will show respect toward teammates, coaches, parents, referees and opponents, both on and off the ice.

Players will follow team rules and the direction of coaches promptly and without complaint.

Players will attend all games and practices. If unable to attend, the player will notify the coach in advance.

A violation of a level one rule may result in the following action:

                                    First offense: Up to one period suspension

                                    Second offense: Up to one game suspension

Third offense: 2 or more game suspension

 Level Two: Unlawful and or unacceptable conduct

  • Players will not abuse or damage equipment or rink facilities at home or on the road, and will be responsible for the repair or replacement costs and/or community service at the discretion of the rink manager.
  • Players will not steal personal belongings of another player or coach.
  • Players will not fight or display abusive or harassing conduct.

Violation of a Level Two Rule may result in the following:

First offense: One game suspension                                          

Second offense: Three game suspension

Third Offense: The incident will be reported to the Board of Directors who will review the incident and determine appropriate action. Such action may include, but is not limited to, further suspension or expulsion from SPYHA.


Level Three:  The use of alcohol, tobacco, and controlled or illegal substances is strictly forbidden.

A violation of this Rule will result in immediate suspension until the Board of Directors determines appropriate disciplinary action at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

The parents or guardians of the player violating this rule will be notified of the suspension as soon as possible by the coach or team rep. A meeting will be scheduled with the player, parents or guardian, coach(es), division rep, and ACE Director to investigate the specific violation.

 A violation of a Level Three Rule may result in suspension from one or more games, up to, and including, the remainder of the hockey season, or any other action deemed appropriate by the Board.  If the player is suspended for the remainder of the season, reinstatement must be approved by the Board of Directors prior to the start of the next season.  No membership fees will be refunded.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to permanently suspend a player from participation in SPYHA.


Any player, parent/guardian, coach or team rep may bring forth to the Board of Directors any incident by a player, parent/guardian or coach which in their opinion does not support the philosophy of SPYHA.

 All suspensions will be served at the next regularly scheduled game, scrimmage or tournament.  When suspended from a game the player is also suspended from practice.

 Repeated and/or dangerous action may be referred to the Board of Directors for accelerated discipline which could range from suspension for the remainder of the season to permanent suspension.  Please note that by registering your skater(s) online with SPYHA, you agree to, and accept, this policy. 

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