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The Sauk Prairie Youth Hockey Association (SPYHA) is committed to providing a safe and healthy space for all of our players and coaches. With those concerns as a top priority, we have developed the following Return to Play Plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Coaches, players, and parents are all responsible for implementing this plan. Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 in our rink and hockey community, and that requires full cooperation among the entire SPYHA family. This plan outlines how SPYHA intends to begin the season and will be modified throughout the season as necessary.

All players and coaches will be required to have a COVID-19 waiver on file before they will be allowed to participate in SPYHA activities. This plan and the required waiver will be emailed to all families once registered and will also be posted to the SPYHA website. The plan will also be posted in several locations at the rink.


  • The SPYHA Board is to be notified if coaches and/or players have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19. Please refer to the CDC guidelines regarding what is considered close contact:,or%20probable%20COVID%2D19%20patients.
  • Families are to notify their Head Coach as soon as possible, and no later than within 24 hours of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or appearance of COVID-19 symptoms in a player, coach, or family member. Notification shall take place whether or not there has been a COVID-19 test or the player, coach or family are awaiting COVID-19 testing results.
  • Families are responsible for downloading the SportsEngine (SE) App and making sure contact information, including mobile numbers are current for all parents/guardians associated with the player.
  • Availability of coaches and players should be marked in the SE App no later than 24 hours prior to a scheduled event.
  • SPYHA will keep track of attendance at the rink for SPYHA events and will cooperate with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services for contact tracing purposes if the need arises.
  • In the event of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis of a player or coach, the entire Association will be notified of a positive test within the Association, and the specific team will be notified of a positive test within their team. No other identifying information will be provided.


  1. Players or coaches with any of the following symptoms that are not attributable to another condition are not to enter the rink or participate in SPYHA activities:
    • Cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, or at least two of the following:
      • Fever
      • Chills
      • Repeated shaking with chills
      • Muscle pain
      • Headache
      • Sore throat
      • Loss of taste or smell
  2. Face coverings (masks) are to be worn by all entering and leaving the building. Face coverings will not be required for those on the ice.
  3. Players are to bring their own rehydration liquids to the rink in clearly marked containers with the player’s identity labeled on the container. The container should be re-sealable. Players should arrive with the container filled and should NOT plan on refilling the container in the rink.
  4. Whenever possible, players should use the restroom at home prior to leaving for the rink in an effort to limit restroom use at the facility. Locker rooms and showers will be closed for player use.
  5. Players may only enter the facility through the eastern most two front doors and are to exit through the western most two front doors. side lobby door between the restrooms and are to exit through the front doors. (9/9/2020 Update) All doors to the rink are to remain locked. Volunteers will allow access into the building for your group once the previous group has completely vacated the building and the common spaces and touch points have been cleaned and sanitized.
  6. Players should arrive at the rink no more than 10 minutes before the start of on-ice activities.
  7. Players are to enter the rink fully dressed with the exception of skates, helmet, and gloves. Exceptions are made for goalies who may need to put on additional gear in the rink.
  8. Parents/guardians/spectators during 12U and 14U events (including practices, evaluations, clinics, etc.) will not be allowed in the rink. One parent/guardian per player during 10U, 8U, and 6U events will be allowed to enter the rink to assist with any equipment needs. Parents/guardians that do enter the rink to assist with equipment needs are required to wear a face covering and are to vacate the building once the skater is fully dressed. One parent/guardian per player during 8U and 6U events will be allowed back into the building 5 minutes prior to the scheduled end of the event to assist with skate and helmet removal and then must immediately vacate the building with their player. (9/9/2020 Update) Two spectators per skater will be allowed in the building to watch games. The spectators must be at least 16 years of age. No young children allowed. The spectators will be admitted right as the skaters are taking the ice and must vacate the building immediately upon conclusion of game play. Social distancing and face covering requirements apply. Failure to observe these requirements may result in stoppage or cancellation of game play and/or removal of all spectators for the remainder of the game. (9/24/2020 Update).
  9. Players are to only use designated spaces assigned to their team. Players will not be allowed in other areas of the building.
  10. Families shall provide the Head Coach and Team Representative with accurate contact information in the event of emergency while the player is at the rink. This information MUST be accurate and updated for each event. The designated contact must be reachable if the need arises.


  1. No on- or off-ice interaction (socializing, team meetings, dryland activities) shall occur following the conclusion of the scheduled SPYHA activity. Players are to remove helmets, skates, and gloves and leave the building within 10 minutes of the end of on-ice activities.
  2. Parents/guardians picking up players must be in the rink parking lot at the conclusion of scheduled activities. Players should not have to wait outside for their ride to arrive. If a parent does not arrive timely at the rink on two or more occasions, the player may be suspended from practices and/or games.
  3. A coach and/or the Team Representative shall remain until all players of their team have vacated the building and are picked up by their parent/guardian from the parking lot.
  4. While at home, players shall clean and disinfect their gear after each use, including their drinking containers.


  1. Concessions will be closed until such time that parents/spectators are allowed back into the rink. Volunteer requirements will change from concessions duties to health and safety duties. These duties will include, but are not limited to:
    • Cleaning and sanitizing touch points and skate tying areas once a team has vacated the building
    • Allowing the next team in the building once the previous has vacated
    • Tracking the players that enter the building
    • Basic screening for symptoms of COVID-19 at the door
  2. Use of the building requires specific approval. Use of the building is not considered approved unless the event is identified on the calendar shown on the SPYHA website. Unauthorized use of the building will be considered and reported to local authorities as trespassing by the SPYHA Board.
  3. The rink cleaning contract has been modified to include additional weekday cleanings of common areas and touch points.
  4. 6U and 8U will be run as in-house programs only. There will be no playing of other teams outside of SPYHA.
  5. 6U will be split into two groups to manage group size. Returning 4yr old skaters will be welcomed back. SPYHA will not be accepting new 4yr old or younger skaters to start the season.
  6. At the 6U and 8U levels, players needing to leave the ice to use the bathroom will not be allowed back on the ice. Their parent will be notified and the practice/game for that player will be over and they will have to vacate the building.
  7. Should a family suspect a positive COVID-19 diagnosis within their family, they are to notify their Head Coach. All members of that household are to refrain from SPYHA activities for a minimum of 14 consecutive days or until all members of the household are symptom free, whichever time period is longer, unless all members of the household test negative for COVID-19 within this time period.
  8. A positive COVID-19 diagnosis within a SPYHA member household will result in prohibition from participating in SPYHA activities for all members of that household for a minimum of 14 consecutive days or until all household members are symptom free – whichever time period is longer.
  9. A positive COVID-19 diagnosis of a rostered member of a SPYHA team results in prohibition from participating in SPYHA activities for all members of the positive player’s household for a minimum of 14 consecutive days or until all members are symptom free – whichever time period is longer. A second positive COVID-19 diagnosis of a rostered member of the same SPYHA team during the same time period results in prohibition from participating in SPYHA activities for the entire team for a period of 14-consecutive days.
  10. No 10U, 12U, or 14U games are to be played until the SPYHA Board approves play with organizations outside of SPYHA. 10U, 12U, and 14U jerseys will not be distributed until the SPYHA Board approves of game play.
  11. There will not be a lost and found bin this season. Clearly marked and labeled drinking containers and hockey equipment will be retained and returned to the owner. All other items left behind will be thrown away.


  1. In the event that the SPYHA Board allows locker room use for adult groups, such use will be limited to no more than 5 individuals per locker room. Face coverings are required for adult groups while in the building, when not on the ice.
  2. Adult groups will be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting common areas and touch points upon conclusion of their event.
  3. Only the adult skater participating on the ice is permitted to enter the facility. No spectators or children are permitted to be in the facility during adult hockey events. Adult groups will be cancelled should they be found to be violating the spectator/child restrictions.
  4. Adult groups are responsible for tracking their own attendance and must agree to cooperate with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services for contact tracing purposes if the need arises.

Your assistance in implementing this plan is greatly appreciated. The start to the 2020-21 hockey season won’t look like it has in previous years, but SPYHA is committed to offering a safe and healthy way to begin the season. Your patience is appreciated as we offer hockey in these unprecedented times. Thank you for doing your part to help keep our players, coaches, and community safe!