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 Thank you for your participation and/or interest SPYHA U6 program.  Please review the information below and contact Becky ( or Jason ( with any questions. 

First Year U6 Registration Fees

For young skaters who have not skated with SPYHA or with any other association before this season. 

Skaters 6 and under: $100 ($100 SPYHA registration fee for first time skaters, $0 housekeeping fee, no fees for WAHA/USA Hockey)

You will need to register your skater(s) online with USA Hockey/WAHA prior to the start of the season.  This can be done as part of the online SPYHA registration.  Directions for registering directly with USA Hockey/WAHA are found at the end of this letter.

The cost to register skaters with USA Hockey/WAHA is as follows: 
• Skaters 6 and under: $0
• Skaters 7 and up: $50

Second Year U6 Registration Fees:

Skaters 6 and under: $250 ($150 SPYHA registration fee, $100 housekeeping fee, no fee for WAHA/USA Hockey)

You will need to register your skaters online with USA Hockey/WAHA prior to the start of the season.  This can be done as part of the online SPYHA registration.  Directions for registering directly with USA Hockey/WAHA are found below.

The cost to register skaters with USA Hockey/WAHA is as follows:
• Skaters 6 and under: $0
• Skaters 7 and up: $50

Registration will be available online starting 08/15/16. A walk-in registration will be held on Wednesday, September 7 from 5:30-8:00pm. During that time members will be able to register online at the rink, (help will be available from volunteers), equipment can be fitted, and any questions or concerns can be addressed.  Online registration will remain open to U6 skaters through Nov. 15th. Any exceptions will need to be handled through the coach and the registrar.  One half of total registration costs are due by the walk in registration date of September 7, 2016.  Families may pay the remaining balance at any time, but no later than January 15, 2017.  

The Season:
The U6 season will start either the week of October 31st or the week of November 7th. The exact date will be know at registration. There will be a one week break at Thanksgiving and a two week break around Christmas with the season ending around the last week in February.

Ice Time:
There will be two, 1-hour practices a week. The days/times for practice have yet to be determined, but will be similar to those in the past. Please be prompt for practices and plan to be there at least 15 minutes ahead of time. If you need help getting your child dressed in their hockey equipment, please ask the coach and we will find someone to assist you. 

Equipment Rental:
NO FEE AGAIN THIS YEAR! The fee to rent basic hockey equipment will be dropped for all U6 skaters, although a post-dated check in the amount of $25 will be needed as a deposit.  A complete set (excluding stick, mouth guard, cup, leggings and skates) can be rented free of charge for the winter hockey season. If a skater has some of their own equipment, individual pieces may also be rented free of charge during the season. All rentals must go through the association’s equipment chairperson. Equipment must be turned in at the end of the season. If equipment is not turned in at that time, a fee will be assessed. Equipment may be rented over the summer, but arrangements must be made with the equipment chairperson by the end of the last scheduled turn-in time. If arrangements are not made, it will be assumed that the equipment has not been returned and a fee will be assessed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact David Jolicoeur at 262-707-0596 or email him at  A list of equipment needed for hockey can be found on the website (see tab “New to Hockey”.  PLEASE NOTE: fitting for equipment will take place at the time of the walk-in registration. Please bring a bag (a large trash bag works fine) to take your rented equipment home with you.

First year U6 families are exempt from housekeeping fees.  Second year U6 families are assessed a $100 housekeeping fee.  This fee covers the weekly cleaning of the rink.      

Volunteer Hours:
Hockey in the Sauk Prairie area survives in large part due to the tremendous support of families in the association that volunteer their time to keep things running.  All U6 families are asked to complete 8 volunteer hours, as well as assist with the U6 Fun Day and contribute toward the year-end clean-up.  Other volunteer opportunities include team manager, Cow Chip parade, coaching, helping put the ice in or take it out, and driving the Zamboni.  Note that only concessions and Zamboni driving count towards the required hours.  Any assistance you can offer the association would be greatly appreciated.

Policy form:
As part of completing registration, each family agrees to abide by the 2016-2017 SPYHA policies.  This policy must be agreed to before completing registration. 

There is no mandatory fundraising for SPYHA members for the 2016-2017 season.  Throughout the year SPYHA will have opportunities to reduce your future registration fees.  These opportunities may include Scrips, Bucky Books and Little Caesars Pizza.  

All members are responsible for registering their skater(s) online with USA Hockey/WAHA: This is required of all our skaters, no matter their age. There is a $50 fee ($40 USA Hockey and $10 WAHA) to have your skater(s) 7 and older become a USA Hockey member (skaters 6 and under must register, but there is no fee involved).



  • Go to USA Hockey’s Registration 

  • Choose Ice player/coaches and click Register Now

  • Follow the instructions (you can register more than one player at a time)

  • Open the link to your confirmation page and print it off

  • Use your USA Hockey number when registering with SPYHA


 U8 families and older are required to work a total of 12 volunteer hours.  U6 families are required to work a total of 8 hours.  ALL families must sign-up for their volunteer hours in order to complete registration.  

  • Click Register for players/coaches

  • For returning families, use your account information (ID and password) from last season

  • First time users, click on “Create New Account”. You will only need to create ONE new account per player or coach.

  • Enter your USA Hockey Membership Number (from Step 1). If you are registering more than one coach or player, click Add Family Member and repeat. 

Now step through the following to complete registration.

 Registration / Options Tab

1. Select a sport for each family member
2. Select registration type (player, coach, or none) for each family member
3. Select the age appropriate league from available options for each family member
4. Answer any of the questions the organization requests for each family member

Registration / Guardians Tab

Enter guardians and contact information for all of the linked players.

Registration / Volunteer Tab

Please have your calendars handy. Hockey in the Sauk Prairie area survives in large part due to the tremendous support of families in the association that volunteer their time to keep things running. The majority of families will complete their required volunteer hours by working concessions at the Sauk Prairie rink.  You will have the ability to choose your concession duties on this tab. The required hours for the year are 12 per family (8 for U6 families).  All families are required to sign-up for their hours by September 8, 2016.

Steps to follow on this page are as follows:
• Click on Events and select your event — this will populate what jobs are still left.
• Click on Previous or Next to advance the view. When you find the right day, Right Click on the event you want and click on your players name to the right. It will move over and under your name on the left side. This will calculate the number of hours you have selected. If you don’t like the selection, click on the red circle with a white X to delete. Once you have reached your total required hours, click Next at the bottom to continue.

There is a Buyout option for your concession duties. Please call Brian at 445-4045 for more details.

Registration / Donation Tab

Select the options that apply to your oldest player in the family.
    Scholarship Fund

Registration / Payments Tab

• Choose a payment method accepted by SPYHA
• Click on Deposit under the payment amount

All families are required to pay the minimum deposit to complete registration. The remaining balance will be due no later than January 15, 2017. Those with SPYHA credits should already have been emailed a statement.  Contact Jason Begalske with any association credit issues at .


Below is the contact information for the U6 head coach and the SPYHA registrar.  You may also contact any board member – their contact information can be found on the SPYHA website.    

SPYHA Registrar
Jason Begalske
(608) 370-1046

SPYHA U6 Coach
Becky Hildebrandt
(608) 963-3896