If you’ve been around the sport long enough, you may have seen the movie Slap Shot.  No, it is not appropriate for your children!  The movie is about hockey in the 70’s and the old Colonial Hockey League, where there were more fights than goals scored.  Part of the story line is that an investor group in Florida is interested in buying the team.  It’s all a ruse, but, at one point in the film, the question is asked, “Who owns the Chiefs?”

Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with Sauk Prairie Youth Hockey:

How many people in our association who know that Sauk Prairie Youth Hockey owns the rink?

We don’t rent it or lease it from the Village - we own the building. So, the question bears itself, “Who owns the rink?” WE DO! I know we all have to volunteer our time to work the concession stand and clean the lobby area. Part of our registration fees go towards a cleaning contract.  Without getting into the costs of having the rink cleaned on a weekly basis - just know that it isn’t cheap.

For every game we play in our rink, we are inviting guests into our building.  It doesn’t matter where they are from; our rink is the first thing they see when they arrive.  They walk into the breezeway and see the multitude of trophies our children have earned. The lobby is next on the list, then, maybe the rest room - all the while, whether they know it or not, they are seeing our rink and determining if they like it here or not.  The parents won’t touch the ice, so what does that leave them to judge? The building and how clean it is, the condition of the locker rooms and friendliness of the concession staff.

This fall one of our restrooms was damaged. Based on the timing of the event, we have a good idea who it was, but that doesn’t matter.  We are missing something when our own folks are damaging our building. We are missing something when we walk down the corridor and just ignore that wrapper sitting on the ground.  Sure we pay for the rink to be cleaned, but how many folks that get their housed cleaned, clean up before the house cleaning people arrive? Why would you do that?

Those folks clean because they don’t want the housekeeper there for such a long time and they don’t want the housekeeper to know perhaps how dirty the house may be at times. The same applies for our rink. Have a sense of pride when it comes to our building, keep it clean and remind younger children and siblings that it is not a playground. It is a hockey rink; and we own it!  Let’s do our part in keeping it looking nice. Let’s leave it in better shape than was left to us. The rink was built by volunteers in 1996. 21 years later, there have been many improvements along the way. Thank you to the volunteers who have helped this building progress to what it is today!